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Steve Earns Recertification

by on Mar.06, 2015, under What's New

I just received word that my CEU’s have been accepted and that the Professional Photographers of America has recertified me as a Certified Professional Photographer for another 3 years. To obtain recertification I had to demonstrate my continuing commitment to professional photography by attending 15 days of additional training over the past 3 years.

So what does this mean to you, my clients?






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Hottest Martini in Town!

by on Jun.10, 2014, under What's New

Hottest Martini in Town

Steve is constantly striving to perfect his already-expert ability to capture unusual lighting scenarios in the studio. Recently he captured this amazing photo of a flaming martini reflected on a glossy surface, which he appropriately named “The Hottest Martini in Town”. Then he proceeded to win the “Best of Show” award with this image at a competition hosted by PPSV (Professional Photographers of Sacramento Valley), and a merit award at PPC’s (Professional Photographers of California’s) annual competition. The image will be entered into an international competition later this month. Congratulations, Steve!!

Steve’s creativity with light makes him an excellent choice for commercial and product photography, as he can mold light to meet challenging requirements in Inner Vision Images’ custom studio. His expertise also makes him a great choice for portrait photo shoots, as he can consistently achieve top-notch results in situations where other photographers struggle.

So contact Inner Vision Images Photography today at 916.359.7543 to book your creative custom photography session, whatever your needs and desires may be!!

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Kar Kat Answers Readers Questions

by on Mar.21, 2014, under What's New

The e-mails have started arriving. So this week, Steve’s going to let me answer a couple of our readers’ questions.

Cynthia writes:  “You seem very talented, are you multi-lingual?”

Kar Kat responds:  I speak “CATonese” which is the universal language spoken by cats all around the world.  As a kitten, working in a Chinese factory I learned to understand Chinese but now, I mostly understand and respond to English.

Jennifer writes:  “Do you do all of this on your own?”

Kar Kat responds: No, everything around here is a team effort.  Most of my blog writing is done with the help of Dora. She’s our Director of First Impressions.  She reviews the blog as I create it, offers suggestions and helps by proof reading it when it’s finished.

Traci writes:  “I hear they make you live in their Jeep, is that true?”.

Kar Kat responds:  I grew up in a part of China with fierce, cold weather and cool summers. I worked in a factory that had no heat.  I actually prefer the cold of the Jeep at night to the hot studio.  It’s a lot more like what I’m used to.

Dora, Director of First Impressions reviews Kar Kats blog post.

Dora, Director of First Impressions reviews Kar Kats blog post.









Steve and I have been planning some really cool road trips over the next couple of months so stay tuned to the continuing adventures of Kar Kat, roadie extraordinaire.  But, in the meantime, stop by our studio for a chance to meet me. Oh, and get your family portraits artistically created while you’re here. When you call us at 916.359.7543, tell Steve Kar Kat sent you.

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Steve Folino earns Photographic Craftsman degree

by on Mar.05, 2014, under What's New

Recently Steve Folino of Inner Vision Images photography was recognized by the Professional Photographers of America when he earned the Photographic Craftsman degree for helping advance education and moving the photography industry forward. Here are a few images taken at the award ceremony in New Orleans. Congratulations on this significant achievement, Steve!!



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The Adventures of Kar Kat

by on Mar.01, 2014, under What's New

The Adventures of Kar Kat.

It’s Kar Kat here again.  In case you don’t remember me, I’m the road manager or “roadie” for Steve and Lee here at Inner Vision Images. Today, I’m going to share one of my adventures with you.

A couple of weekends ago, Steve and I got to go to Pismo Beach.  While we were there we took a side-trip to the Monarch Butterfly Grove. When we got there, I helped Steve get his camera equipment ready so he could take pictures of all of the butterflies. I was thinking how exciting it would be to see 20,000 Monarch Butterflies. As he walked away from the Jeep I moved into my special spot on the steering wheel from where I could see all of the action.

 Kar Kat-20140215-0059









At first, Steve couldn’t see any butterflies.  They were hiding, in tight clusters up in the branches of the eucalyptus trees. They looked like clusters of leaves. They were really still and quiet. Steve said if he didn’t already know they were there, he would have missed them.  Not me, I notice everything.  Nothing escapes the eyes of Kar Kat.

Pismo Monarch-20140209-0017

As soon as the sun broke through the clouds the butterfly clusters began to break apart and thousands and thousands of Monarch Butterflies were everywhere.  Steve took lots of pictures of them flying, and on the trees, and everywhere… even sitting on the back of someone’s camera. I went through all of the pictures.  Here are my favorites.

Pismo Monarch-20140209-0222 

Pismo Monarch-20140209-0595 

Pismo Monarch-20140209-0639

Wow, what a great adventure we had! I’m looking forward to more adventures with Steve and Lee here at Inner Vision Images. And, oh yea, I’m supposed to tell you to stop on by and have your family portraits taken.  If you do, you can meet me, Kar Kat, roadie extraordinaire.

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The Adventures of Kar Kat

by on Feb.16, 2014, under What's New

Kar Kat writes this weeks Inner Vision Images BLOG

Kar Kat writes this weeks Inner Vision Images BLOG

I’m so excited.  I’ve been working for Steve and Lee here at Inner Vision Images since December and they have finally allowed me to write my first BLOG.

First, allow me to introduce myself.  My Name is Kar Kat and I’m the Road Manager here at Inner Vision Images.  Most of the time they just call me their “Roadie”.  The best part of my job is that I get to travel with them on all of their great adventures.

A little about me.  I was born in Chanchun, in Northeast China. My family worked in a large, mega-factory just outside the city.  As soon as I was 3 months old I began working in the factory as well. Our entire family held very important positions.  We were in charge of rodent control.  It was our jobs to make sure that there were no mice or rats anywhere in the factory.  As a reward for good work, we got to eat all the mice we caught. The bad part was that was all we got to eat so we had to work very hard.

The factory where I worked made lots of things. The area that I worked in made baby formula so every once in a while, in the cold winters when there weren’t very many mice one of the factory workers would sneak me a small bowl of formula to drink.  My sister, who thinks she knows everything, said it was because they wanted to make sure it was safe to drink and that it wasn’t because they were being nice.

One day, I chased a really large rat into one of the shipping containers that was being loaded.  Before I could get back out with my prize, I got locked in. Two weeks later, when they opened the container I was in Oakland, California. I was scared; everyone was talking to me in some strange new language.  They all seemed to understand me, but I sure couldn’t understand them. It’s was then that I knew I had to make a break for it. I snuck into the cab of one of the trucks and made my way to a place called Wal-Mart in Natomas.  It was there that I met Steve, my new boss.

Steve took me back to his photo studio and introduced me to the rest of his staff. He already had two other cats on his staff, Dora who is Director of First Impressions and greets all of the kids when they come to have their pictures taken and Lavender. They couldn’t quite explain exactly what it was that Lavender did. It sounded like she was a princess-in-training or something like that.  I would never have imagined that there could be a cat that didn’t have to earn its keep.

I live in their Jeep almost all of the time.  I really prefer it.  I’m used to really cold weather and haven’t gotten used to being inside.

Stay tuned for more.  They’re going to let me BLOG about my adventures.

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Fall’s Brilliance

by on Nov.29, 2013, under What's New

Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Before you dive head first into the Christmas season (or is it too late?!), try to enjoy the last of the Fall Colors. In Sacramento there are still bright reds and yellows everywhere! Although we need rain badly here, the days have been so beautiful lately that we might as well appreciate them. Take a walk. Breath deeply in the crisp air. Be in the moment. This is life!!

Fall Colors-19

This weekend is also your last chance to capture portraits by Inner Vision Images in time for year-end gifts and cards. Call right now and enjoy a delightful, easy and rewarding portrait session experience!!

Call 916.359.7543

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Furry Family Portraits

by on Nov.22, 2013, under What's New

There’s still time and a few slots left for your year-end custom portrait session! Capture this precious moment in time and share it with your loved ones, family and/or friends.

Bring your furry family members, too!

Book your session just in time for year-end photos. There’s never a better time for a beautiful portrait than RIGHT NOW!

Call Inner Vision Images TODAY at 916.359.7543 and check us out at!

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Louisiana Yum

by on Nov.10, 2013, under What's New

Oh how we LOVE Louisiana cuisine!! Recently we discovered the best place for Sunday brunch in the swamp country outside of New Orleans. Speckled T’s Restaurant in Slidell, Louisiana, has an amazing brunch assortment of local, creative dishes like Blackened Red Fish, Seafood Lasagna, Eggplant Roleantini, Jambalaya Eggrolls, Smothered Chicken, Grits & Grillades, Gumbo YaYa… the list goes on! They also have a number of more ‘typical’ brunch choices and a lovely carving station. Dessert includes Bread Pudding although I made a dessert out of the most decadent Bananas Foster French Toast. Their regular menu is great too and it includes a number of other Southern specialties; and their prices are very reasonable…  Louisiana Yum!!!

Please excuse the cell phone photos but wanted to share this gem of a restaurant!

Speckled Ts exterior

Speckled Ts exterior

Steve at Speckled Ts brunch

What does this have to do with photography? Nothing!! Well, that’s not entirely true. We were on a photography day trip exploring swamps and bayous and, well, photographers have to eat, don’t they?!  :-)

We’ll share some swamp photos soon. Meanwhile, we’re back home and our photography studio is in full swing with holiday-time portraits. Contact Inner Vision Images today to book your session before it’s too late for year-end gifts and greetings!! 916.359.7543 or

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30, 60, 90 – the Countdown has started!

by on Oct.09, 2013, under What's New

Can you believe it? Another year has flown by, just like that! There are less than 30 days left before Halloween, 60 days before Thanksgiving, and 90 days before the New Year…

Inner Vision Images Holiday 2

Now is the time to book your year-end, custom portrait session. Slots are filling fast, so don’t wait!! Contact Inner Vision Images today at 916.359.7543 to make your appointment and let us capture this moment in the story of your life…

Inner Vision Images – Capturing the Art of Life, One Image at a Time…

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